Updates and Information On The Bremen Alert System

First we’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit this Bremen Alerts blog post.  Going forward our goal is to be more proactive with these types of post where the Bremen Alerts system is concerned.  In today’s post, we would just like to reiterate a few things the Mayor mentioned in her most recent “water bill” letter.  If you’ve not read the letter you may do so here:


To follow up on a few things the Mayor referenced in her letter:

  • The Alert System is currently configured to only distribute automated NOAA (National Weather Service) alerts that have designated Haralson and/or Carroll County as affected areas. The goal here is to weed out NOAA alerts that do not directly apply to the City of Bremen.
  • Our goal is to have Bremen Alerts’ users associate any after hours messages with true emergency type situations…. situations that, in our opinion, require your immediate attention.  And our hope is that you never have reason to receive another “after hours” message from the system.
  • We would again like to apologize for the after hours  “Freeze Warning” that was sent recently. As the Mayor mentioned the broadcast was an accident that was due to a configuration change that had an inadvertent effect on the defined ” alert quiet hours”.  The problem has since been corrected.

As stated earlier, our goal is to be more proactive with informative Bremen Alerts blog post.  For example, in the next post we plan to revisit logging into the system and managing your online Bremen Alerts profile.  Managing your profile includes telling the system how you would like to be contacted (e.g. text, email, specific phone numbers, etc.)

Until then, if you would like to go ahead and attempt to create and/or manage your online profile you may click the link below to do so.*


*If you are already receiving calls on a landline please know that you can still create an account online and manage your Bremen Alert profile.  The same number can be bound to more than one account.

Best Regards,

Bremen IT  


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