After Hours Tornado Warning Alerts

As bad weather approaches our area, we just wanted to send something to you all reiterating how the “after hours” alerts are currently configured to work on the Bremen Alerts notification system. The only alert configured to broadcast between the hours of 8pm and 8am are Tornado Warnings (warning = tornado in air or on ground). Specifically Tornado Warnings that include either Haralson County, Carroll County, or both.

Having said that, if you receive a call, email, or text during the night from the Bremen Alerts system, please pay attention. If you by chance miss the message, by all means, go ahead and assume the worst and immediately take cover.

If an alert is sent during the night we will do our best to immediately update the city social media accounts so that anyone that might have missed the message can know for sure what was sent.

Please be safe tonight. And by all means call us if you need us.

City of Bremen


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