From the National Weather Service:



Temperatures are expected to quickly warm above freezing after 10 AM Sunday morning, ending the threat for black ice and freezing fog.

Stay Safe! - City of Bremen

Changes Made To Bremen Alerts Automated NOAA Messages

We wanted to note that we’ve made a couple of changes to the City of Bremen Emergency Alerts group on our Bremen Alerts System. The following adjustments were made to the automated NOAA alert configuration:

  • All notifications relating to Flash Flood Watches were removed.
  • Quiet hours were applied to Flash Flood Warnings (no broadcast messages between 8pm and 8am)

We are constantly honing the Alert System in an effort to keep the automated NOAA alerts pertinent. And yes we are absolutely open to suggestion.

Please be safe today and only travel if necessary. There are a few areas around town that are not draining as fast as we’d like and we are monitoring and addressing those areas as needed. – City of Bremen

A Few Notes On The Bremen Alerts System. (BAS)

With “weather of note” headed our way we thought it might be helpful to expound a bit on the workings of the Bremen Alert System (BAS).

  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the federal agency responsible for sending the public, mass alerts. There are around 40 or so different alert codes. If you’d like to know what they are you can review them at this link:
  • With BAS, we have the ability to automate the transmission of these alerts to our citizens.
  • We’ve definitely experienced some trial and error during the turn up of BAS. Specifically where automated “after hours” alerts come into play. We hope we’ve got all that worked out now.
  • Here is a list of the alert types that are configured to be sent regardless of time of day:
    • Tornado Warning (means Tornado is on the ground)
    • Civil Danger Warning
    • Civil Emergency Message
    • Earthquake Warning (means one has occurred)
    • Evacuation Immediate
    • Extreme Fire Danger
    • Fire Warning
    • Flash Flood Warning
    • Law Enforcement Warning
    • Nuclear Power Plant Warning
    • Radio-logical Hazard Warning
  • Keep in mind BAS only sends these alerts if either Carroll Co (GA) or Haralson Co (GA) are included in the list of affected counties.
  • We’ve still got a ways to go in terms of truly utilizing this system to its fullest abilities., but we are getting there. Recently our IT Department activated the automated alert push to our social media accounts. Going forward, when an automated alert is isussed, the alert will appear on our social media accounts.

Please be safe today and as always call us if you need us. – City of Bremen

A Common Oversight During Bremen Alerts’ Account Setup

One of the most common issues we’ve seen in Bremen Alerts enrollments is related to assigning an account to one or more of the defined “Alert Groups”:

The section pictured above can be found in the lower right hand corner of your account profile setup page. Once you’ve accessed your account and you’ve found the “Groups” section, click the “Add to Group” button:

Check the box pictured above listed under the “City of Bremen Emergency Alerts” group. Also be sure to check the same box under the “Bremen Community Activities” group:

Once this is completed you will begin to receive notifications from the Bremen Alerts System.

After Hours Tornado Warning Alerts

As bad weather approaches our area, we just wanted to send something to you all reiterating how the “after hours” alerts are currently configured to work on the Bremen Alerts notification system. The only alert configured to broadcast between the hours of 8pm and 8am are Tornado Warnings (warning = tornado in air or on ground). Specifically Tornado Warnings that include either Haralson County, Carroll County, or both.

Having said that, if you receive a call, email, or text during the night from the Bremen Alerts system, please pay attention. If you by chance miss the message, by all means, go ahead and assume the worst and immediately take cover.

If an alert is sent during the night we will do our best to immediately update the city social media accounts so that anyone that might have missed the message can know for sure what was sent.

Please be safe tonight. And by all means call us if you need us.

City of Bremen

Updates and Information On The Bremen Alert System

First we’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit this Bremen Alerts blog post.  Going forward our goal is to be more proactive with these types of post where the Bremen Alerts system is concerned.  In today’s post, we would just like to reiterate a few things the Mayor mentioned in her most recent “water bill” letter.  If you’ve not read the letter you may do so here:

To follow up on a few things the Mayor referenced in her letter:

  • The Alert System is currently configured to only distribute automated NOAA (National Weather Service) alerts that have designated Haralson and/or Carroll County as affected areas. The goal here is to weed out NOAA alerts that do not directly apply to the City of Bremen.
  • Our goal is to have Bremen Alerts’ users associate any after hours messages with true emergency type situations…. situations that, in our opinion, require your immediate attention.  And our hope is that you never have reason to receive another “after hours” message from the system.
  • We would again like to apologize for the after hours  “Freeze Warning” that was sent recently. As the Mayor mentioned the broadcast was an accident that was due to a configuration change that had an inadvertent effect on the defined ” alert quiet hours”.  The problem has since been corrected.

As stated earlier, our goal is to be more proactive with informative Bremen Alerts blog post.  For example, in the next post we plan to revisit logging into the system and managing your online Bremen Alerts profile.  Managing your profile includes telling the system how you would like to be contacted (e.g. text, email, specific phone numbers, etc.)

Until then, if you would like to go ahead and attempt to create and/or manage your online profile you may click the link below to do so.*

*If you are already receiving calls on a landline please know that you can still create an account online and manage your Bremen Alert profile.  The same number can be bound to more than one account.

Best Regards,

Bremen IT  

Welcome To The Bremen Alerts Info Page

Bremen Alerts is the name of the City of Bremen’s new Mass Notification System.  Mayor Sharon Sewell recently addressed this system in her monthly letter included with each City of Bremen water bill.  If you have not read this letter please take a moment to look it over here, as it provides a good explanation of the basic tenants and goals of the new Mass Notification System.

If you are familiar with the letter and you would like to begin enrolling in the new system, please see the “Bremen Alerts Links” section posted on this page (depending on the type of device your currently using).  Under this section you should see two separate links:

  1. A link to an instructional .pdf that includes directions and helpful hints relating to the Bremen Alerts online enrollment.
  2. A link to the actual Bremen Alerts enrollment page.

If you experience problems or have questions while attempting to enroll in the Bremen Alerts notification system please click the “Contact Form” link located under the the “Pages” section on the right side of this page.  If you will fill out the Contact Form itself and click the “Submit” button, someone with the city will review your submission and be in contact with you within the next two business days.

Best Regards,

The City of Bremen